Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Reflection by Christina Aguilera & Song Birds of Pain by Garry Kilworth

The Songbirds of Pain by Garry Kilworth and Reflection by Christina Aguilera shares the same solution of finding ones self ( individuality), the subject of both the choice and the song has been expected to act in ways which are foe or afar from their true personalities. The Songbirds of Pain is about a woman who has her identity created for her, while Reflection is about a girl who was hide who she was in order to reach the expectations of the peck surrounding her. I hand over re slowlyd some of the songs stanzas to the event or occurrences that happened to Anita in the Songbirds of Pain.In the song Reflection on the first 4 lines Look at me, you may think you see who I rattling am, and youll never know me. I provoke related these lines in Songbirds of Pain because Anita (the protagonist) has had her identity created for her by Philip. Philip, Anitas cont land upr, has molded her to be someone who he wants to be with. He did non re whollyy know Anita from who she re alto gethery is because (1) Anita was young when he met her and she has not found herself yet, and (2) he chooses to see what he wants to see and not what things very are.Anita did not complain about this, she did not mind that her opinions were unspoilt barrowed from Philip but then she had come to realize that one day Philip would give-up the ghost her, and she would not have anything, except her beauty. precisely beauty fades away with youth, and she is emergence older so she have decided to have an operation that ordain agree her more beautiful and that forget make her beauty stretch forth farsighteder. In the third stanza I am now, in a earthly concern where I have to hide my warmth and what I believe in. But somehow I will show the world whats inside my heart and be love for who I am.Anita has this identity where she cannot show what she really feels and thinks. I think that Anita wanted an operation not just because she wanted everlasting beauty but because she wanted to finally show who she really is, I think she want to know what will happen if things in her life happened differently. Like what if, before Philip found her, she has already found herself? I think that she wants to use this opportunity to find out if Philip would quieten love her or if things would be the same as it was. In the sixth stanza Theres a heart that must be free to fly that burns with a need to know the reason why.I think that when Anita was at Algarez, brazil-nut tree for her operation she felt free, because for the first time she has finally made a decision for herself. Even though she had second thoughts about the operation she still pushed it through, because I think that Anita felt that she needs to do this for herself and for her own good, and I think that she is testing herself if she could make the right choices for herself or choices that will make her feel satisfied and happy. In the last stanza Why must we all conceal what we think and how we feel? Must th ere be a secret me Im forced to hide?I wont pretend that Im someone else for all time. When will my reflection show who I am inside? When will my reflection show who I am inside? In the end Anita found herself, her world and she used imposition (due to the operations) to get there. Secretly she loved that world, because she was herself, she did not have to act in ways that other people (Philip) expects her to be. She hid her love for pain, I do not think that she was proud of it, but she was able to fake just enough to go back to London. Philip was delay for Anita at the Airport he was waiting for Anita to arrive.When Anita saw Philip she felt how a great deal she loves him, and what pain she will experience if she loses him. Pain, Anita has learned to love pain, and Anita was leaving Philip for the pain that it will cost her. She will be in pain, but at the same time she would be herself, forever. She would be in the world of Anita where She was the sun, the moon, the stars, th e Earth. She was void, she was matter, she was light. She is expiration to be the center of her own universe. Anita has been a naive girl from the shekels of the selection but her character evolved after a series of occurrences that have been life changing for her.She managed to found herself even though it took her a long time. Like in the song Reflection, the subject was able to justify that she wants to be seen and to break free from the status quo that is holding her. The moral of this is you should show who you really are and do not think that its too late because as the saying goes its better late than never. And do not expect that the path would not be rocky because it is unendingly hard to get something that is worthwhile. We just have to be patient.

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