Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Jon Benet Ramsey Case

Michael Pilkington 10/14/12 Ms. Chiolo Forensics JonBenet Ramsey Case patchy a(prenominal) people know about the JonBenet Ramsey font. This case had to do with when a youngish girl was killed and found in her own basement. In the JonBenet case in that location were problems with the investigation, different theories about the murder, and the media had an influence in the case. angiotensin-converting enzyme problem with the JonBenet Ramsey case was that some evidence wasnt collected.For example in that location was a woolly mullein found that could film been the murder weapon that wasnt collected as evidence. Another problem was that some of the detectives ego got in the way of solution the case. For example Boulder, Colorado police denied help from the FBI, even though they have had no experience with murder cases that have national attention. One study problem was that the procedure that the police used for the case was improper. The police didnt separate the parents eve n when they were both suspects. The media and the court of public opinion vie a big role in the case.One way was that the media instantly damn the parents for murdering JonBenet. The media had a couple of theories of how JonBenet was killed. One way was that JonBenet wet her bed and the mama got very mad and killed her. Another possibility was that JonBenets brother killed her because she got a lot of attention from being in beauty pageants for girls, and he cherished more attention. The media trashed the Ramseys reputation by making people judge that they were guilty. Since the media labeled the Ramseys guilty, people were close-minded to other ideas of what else could of actually happened. in that respect was one theory though that was the most likely of being true. This theory was called the intruder theory. There were a couple of ways this was the most likely way JonBenet died. One piece of evidence that supports the intruder theory is that there was a unlock basement wind ow that had been recently opened and closed, and that an intruder could have gotten entrance to the house from. Another piece of evidence was that there was DNA on JonBenets body that was male, and didnt match another family member. Also there was a similar attack months later that was similar to the JonBenet Ramsey murder.There was a man who broke into a house (that is close by to the Ramsey house) and sexually assaulted a 14 year old girl. Upon reviewing how the investigation was done from the start it is unmixed that the media and the Boulder Colorado police department did not help in solving the case. It is unfortunate that Mrs. Ramsey passed away and that the rest of the family has been unable to see arbiter done. I do believe in some of the other theories and look forward to that with the help of time and persistence with the Police and the FBI they will eventually crystalise the case.

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