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Local and Regional Forces - 2472 Words

Section B. Is local diversity a product of regional forces, local forces, or both, and how might we know? In ecology, the change in species diversity across space and time is one of the oldest studied subjects, however the underlying causes of many diversity patterns is under much debate (Field et al. 2001; MacArthur, 1972; Rosenzweig, 1995). How does diversity arise (Erwin 1991)? How is diversity distributed in space (Dean et al. 1997, Fonseca et al. 2000)? And how is diversity maintained (Lande, 1988)? Are three fundamental questions that ecologist look to answer. Early studies focused around the role of competition in determining diversity at local scales, today however it is emphasized that many factors on top of competition,†¦show more content†¦The second type of manipulation varies the isolation of regional areas from a species source region and thus the species pools for their embedded communities which is represented in a marine study where reef environments are associated with coral species assemblages (Cornell et al. 2004; 2008). Five regions with different diversi ties at three local scales along a longitudinal gradient from Indonesian archipelago, where species richness peaks at 600+ sp., to the French Polynesia, with only a peak of 130 (Cornell et al. 2004). The eastward decline in richness is explained by declining area of shallow water habitat within each region (Bellwood et al. 2005) partnered with isolation from the Indonesian diversity hotspot due to distance (Cornell amp; Karlson, 1998) and westward-flowing currents (Connolly et al. 2003) suggesting regional influence on species diversity. Slopes of regressions of log-LSR on log-RSR were linear suggesting local assemblages are again open to enrichment from regional species pool (Cornell et al. 2008). Following on from this, substantial literature has sought to document what has come to be termed the local–regional richness relationship (Caley amp; Schluter, 1997; Cornell, 1999; Cornell amp; Lawton, 1992; Gaston, 2000; Gaston amp; Koleff, 2002; Lawton,Show MoreRelatedLocal and Regional Forces2456 Words   |  10 PagesSection B. Is local diversity a product of regional forces, local forces, or both, and how might we know? In ecology, the change in species diversity across space and time is one of the oldest studied subjects, however the underlying causes of many diversity patterns is under much debate (Field et al. 2001; MacArthur, 1972; Rosenzweig, 1995). How does diversity arise (Erwin 1991)? How is diversity distributed in space (Dean et al. 1997, Fonseca et al. 2000)? And how is diversity maintained (LandeRead MoreUnited States Southern Command ( Southcom ) Essay930 Words   |  4 PagesUnited States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) has been working to build regional and interagency partnerships to ensure the continued stability of the Western Hemisphere and the forward defense of the U.S. homeland for more than fifty years. U.S. Southern Command is responsible to the Secretary of Defense and the President of the United States for national security interests through roughly one half of this hemisphere – 31 countries, 16 dependencies and areas of special sovereignty, and approximatelyRead Mor eThe Levels Of The Uk Government Essay1390 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction: The levels of the UK government: European Parliament National/Central Government Regional Government Local Government What is the European Parliament: The European parliament is an elected parliamentary institution of the European union (EU) which was formed on November 1st 1993, they mainly focus on functions like legislation within the 28 member states that form up the European union to help sustain, control and create a political and economic community throughout Europe, theRead MoreThe League Of Nations1522 Words   |  7 Pagescreated in 1919 failed to prevent a second World War, nations –states have succeeded to create functional organizations which are more or less successful in setting a secure environment for humanity. Those organizations can be international, regional, and sub-regional. The United nations, (UN), the African Union (AU), the Economic Community of West African States(ECOWAS) are some of them. They all embody the will to ensure and promote peace and security in their different areas of competency. PracticallyRead MoreAn Approach to the Regional Neoliberal Governance in Southern Africa from a Critical Perspective1177 Words   |  5 PagesAn approach to the regional neoliberal governance in Southern Africa from a critical perspective. In order to examine the possible implications of neoliberalism in contemporary Africa, an analysis based on a regional dimension is important. The multiplicity of strategies and methods of governance in a specific regional context can appear merging, mingling or even clashing, since regions can be understood as political and social projects, where different actors act in favour of the maintenanceRead MoreCase 4 Ludbeck V11166 Words   |  5 Pagesmultinational company, the South Korean unit is yet very small in revenues and size. Lundbeck has $1.5B in revenues and $240M in operating profits, employs 5,500 people and has its own sales force in 55 countries. To manage the business, the company organized itself by regional structures, leveraging regional efficiency and market knowledge. The South Korean unit, however, is comparatively very small. It had $22M in sales in 2005, which represents less than 1.5% of company revenues, and employed 50Read MoreResponsibilities Of The Different Levels Of Government1340 Words   |  6 Pagesresponsibilities of the different levels of government as well as explaining how these responsibilities are managed and expressing my own opinion. The main levels of government are: European government, central government, devolved parliament and local authorities. These all have different roles, making decisions that show the views of the people they represent. European Government The European Government has legislative, supervisory, and budgetary responsibilities. It has a large impact on EuropeanRead MoreCumberland County Case Study1377 Words   |  6 Pagesmitigate hazards. These tools assist the county in developing responsibly and encouraging smart safe growth. Additionally, local rules and regulations will reduce overall hazards and encourage public safety as areas are developed. Medical Assets and Partnerships Currently, Cumberland County is supported by three major medical facilities; Level III hospital, Carlisle Regional Medical Center, and a Level II Trauma Center, Geisinger Holy Spirit located near Camp Hill. Additionally, the state of PennsylvaniaRead MoreThe Defense Cooperation Of The United States1709 Words   |  7 Pagesoffered and initiated some of the defense cooperation programs with Croatia before the end of hostilities in the region. Throughout the cooperation, different terms were used, like Train, Advise, and Equip foreign armed forces, or the terms Building Partner Capacity (BPC) and Security Force Assistance (SFA) rather than Security Assistance (SA). According to the Presidential Policy Directive (PPD-23), those defense cooperation programs are being part of the Security Sector Assistance (SSA). In the beginningRead MoreDBQ 7 Years War819 Words   |  3 PagesWorld History DBQ: Analyze connections between regional issues and European struggles for global power in the mid-eighteenth century. Identify an additional type of document and explain how it would help your analysis of these connections. During the mid-eighteenth century, the European was struggling to spread its power in the whole world, especially in Americas and Asia, experiencing various regional issues in economy, diplomacy, and territory with local people. Document 1 6, and 9 are dealing with

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The Dangers of Racial Profiling - 625 Words

â€Å"In 2005, a study analyzing data accumulated statewide in Texas reveals disproportionate traffic ceases and searches of African Americans and Hispanics, even though law enforcement authorities were more liable to find contraband on Whites.† (The Reality of Racial Profiling) The utilization of personal characteristics or comportment patterns to make generalizations about a person is called racial profiling. Throughout time, the utilization of race by law enforcement agencies in their policing activities has received considerable attention across the nation. The 4th amendment right that one has as an American, which is protecting against unreasonable search and seizure, is becoming contravened; one reason for the way one looks. The U.S. Supreme Court has held that racial profiling violates the constitutional requirement that all persons be accorded equal protection of the law, but it is still occurring in our society. Racial Profiling has caused the violation of our rights whether it maybe from a terry stop that was originated for the case Terry vs. Ohio, stop and frisk, racial vehicle stops, and the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act also known as Arizona SB 1070. In October of the year 1963, two strangers were visually perceived on a corner by Cleveland Police Department detective Martin McFadden Cleveland, Ohio. Officer McFadden stated that he saw the men pausing and staring suspiciously inside the same store window and both were seen making multipleShow MoreRelatedProfling Vs Racial Profiling848 Words   |  4 PagesRecently there have been many issues concerning wrongful searches and police brutality in the criminal justice system. Cries for racial equality and social justice have been heard from across the nation. Profiling and stereotyping are generally seen as almost the same concept, but this is not the case. Specifically, criminal profiling is defined as â€Å"the act or process of extrapolating information about a person based on known traits or tendencies,† according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. In contrastRead MoreRacial Profiling Is The Root Of Dysfunction1513 Words   |  7 PagesRacial Profiling is the Root of Dysfunc tion in Society The fear of the other races creates the false sense for the need for racial profiling, which causes dysfunction in society. We naturally fear danger and our fear one event creates causes a lasting impression about the people of color (POC) to make oneself feel safer. Due to the fact that most people of high power are white men, they typically are protected from discrimination with their supremacy and social position. However, POC do not haveRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of Racial Profiling1046 Words   |  5 PagesSection One: A social problem in the U.S that I will be discussing is racial profiling. Racial profiling has been a method that polices use to target suspicious individuals based on the stereotypes of their race, and I believe it is an immoral tactic. I never knew what racial profiling was until I was a senior year in high school and learned how injustice it was. I was disappointed I was not aware of this procedure, because this violates an individual’s physical appearance, and in the United StatesRead MoreRacial Profiling By Scott Johnson945 Words   |  4 Pages According to Scott Johnson, â€Å"racial profiling is the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed an offense† (Scott Johnson). The United States Supreme Court has ruled that racial profiling violates the constitutional requirement that all persons should be accorded equal protection of the law. However, is this requirement defensible in public policy? It has been proven in previou s research studies that racial profiling, if applied correctly, can be a useful defensibleRead MoreRacial Profiling Is Unfair, Ineffective, And Dangerous1467 Words   |  6 PagesIn today’s society we face racial profiling every day. People judge people based on the color of their skin. A store owner assumes it’s a Hispanic that stole. A police officer pulls over mainly African Americans for traffic violations. These are all examples of racial profiling. According to the definition of racial profiling is: The use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed an offense. Racial profiling is wrong because it is unfair, ineffectiveRead MoreRacial Discrimination And Racial Profiling1524 Words   |  7 Pages In our society today, racial discrimination and inequality continues to be an issue. Regardless of the advancements we make in our society in terms of race, discrimination is something that can not simply be erased. The conflict with discrimination is evident when we look at the issue of racial profiling. Racial profiling refers to the treatment of an individual based on their race or ethnicity (Statistics of Racial Profiling 1). It is often a tool being used by law enforcement when deciding toRead MoreLaw Enforcement Today773 Words   |  4 PagesToday’s law enforcement officers are faced with difficult challenging issues. Being trained efficiently is most important so they know how to respond to the many different issues. According to Schmalleger (2011), corruption, on duty dangers, deadly force, and racial profiling are just some issues today’s law enforcement has to deal with. Multicultural society is one of the main challenges that police officers face on a day to day bases. To â€Å"protect and serve† is the number one duty of law enforcementRead MoreThe Immigration And The Rule Of Law Essay1561 Words   |  7 Pagesbyproducts of racial profiling in America. Racial profiling is a common occurrence in the United States. In an article called Racial profiling - separate and unequal keeping the minorities in line - the role of law enforcement in America, it specifically talks about racial profiling in the police force. The article expresses that racial profiling is one of the most serious, enduring, and divisive human rights violations in the United States. April Walker has gone more into detail about racial profilingRead MorePolice Brutality and Profiling1196 Words   |  5 Pagesof their house in the morning, others might say every officer knows what they were signing up for so they should not be pitied. Police officers face dangers everyday but profiling and racially motivated brutality is not justifiable and officers should be severely punished for committing these crimes. To begin with police officers faces more dangers than the average American citizen, â€Å"generally police are about three times as likely to be killed on the job as the average American† (Blako). â€Å"SomeRead MoreBlack Lives Matter Is An International Activist Movement1693 Words   |  7 Pagesas police brutality, racial profiling, racism, segregation, discrimination etc. â€Å"Racial Profiling† refers to the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials that targets individuals on suspicion of crime based on an individual s race, ethnicity, religion or national origin (â€Å"Racial Profiling: Definition†). Although this topic affects a wide array of communities it still pertains to citizens of color.Citizens rely on the police to protect them from any harm or danger and to promote fairness

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Computing Assignment Technology

Question: Discuss about the Computing Assignment Technology. Answer: Introduction Technology is advancing each day, with the Fitbit/Smartwatches being one of the many techs that can be used to monitor a persons activities. This technology helps people to keep fit given that it is important. Most of the people work for long hours and exercising may not be allocated any time or even pushed to the back burner. The smartwatch does more than counting the steps the wearer takes. It checks the heart rate, water levels in the body, monitors the food intake, sleep, hourly and weekly activities, among others. This gadget has helped lots of people around the world and will continue if taken positively. Therefore, this report will evaluate whether those with this gadget visits the gym as frequent as those that do not have. Therefore, the primary focus will be to determine whether the distribution of those with Fitbit and those without visits the gym equally. The primary objectives are: Determine whether the number of those visiting the gym is dependent on having a Fitbit/smartwatch. Lay down a strategy that can improve the use of Fitbit and visiting the gym. Test whether the new strategy is well taken by people. Therefore, these objectives will act as the backbone of the research, by which researcher will be able to determine whether the suggestion of new implementation is well taken. In this case, the gym should consider making Fitbit a requirement during exercise. That is, they should ensure that people use this tech when in the gym and educate them benefits accrued. It is of great importance since gym should benefit physical fitness as well as improve the health. Literature Review Statistics indicate that one out of ten US adults has a Fitbit/smartwatches, with 54% female and 71% male (Fumo, 2016). Important to determine why most of the male uses this gadget. There are a number of drawbacks that make most women not to wear these products. One being, that there is no wide variety to select from, and that they have a masculine look. Also, most of the women see it as much more than they need, or not of any benefit to them. (Torralba, 2016) give five main reasons women do not wear the smartwatches. First, given the choosy nature of women, the Fitbit do not come with variety; design-wise. Thus, not fitting their liking. Women require more items to choose from, and the Fitbit do not give them this opportunity. Perhaps this is the main reason for most of the females not owing s smartwatch. Perhaps, its because they dont look pretty when they are worn, even though there are golden strapped; this is yet a limited selection. Women will highly appreciate a something that is quite different and at the same classy, fitting their personality and chic at the same time. For instance, leather straps on the smartwatch are overrated, although perfectly functional. Even though this aspect has been addressed in the recent by CES 2016 Huawei, there are some of the assumptions that all women have small wrists. The assumption is that small strap smartwatches are for women, large for male and extra-large for very large men. Also, this gadgets manufacturing is full of stereotypes. Manufacturers think that pink color id more girly. More recently, women are selecting items that are gender neutral, and which can be mixed with the daily outfit. Also, it should be noted that just like men, women also have different tastes and preferences. The smartwatch should also not exclusively be objectivated on its functionality; rather the manufacturers should consider producing commodities that can be worn on a daily basis. Therefore, the manufacturers should not limit the look of the smartwatch as sporty but should have a look that should accommodate different scenarios. Lastly but not least, women do not see the need of using the smartwatches, which may be a blame that can be focused on the marketing of this commodity. This may benefit them in most ways and the best thing to do when marketing is stating how they can improve the life of women, physically and health wise. Data Analysis Since this research seeks to determine whether the male and female are using the smartwatches, while at the gym equally, lay down a strategy to improve the utilization of these gadgets at the gym and also test whether the strategy is positively taken. A number of analyses were carried out. First, a sample of 100 individuals that were given questionnaires to fill. In this case, the data to be used are for student id: 11500414, and two categorical variables were considered. The variables are; Q1: Gender, and Q7: Do use Fitbit/smartwatch? Which will help in determining whether the use of Fitbit/smartwatch and gender are independent (not associated)? Therefore, the chi-square test will assist in answering the research question: is the use of Fitbit/smartwatch and sex are independent? The p-value .1759 shows that there is sufficient evidence against H1. Therefore, the decision is made in favor of the null hypothesis. In other words, the results point that the use of Fitbit/smartwatch and gender are independent (are not associated). That is, the use of this gadget is not associated with gender. This implies that the use of smartwatch by gender is not significantly different; men and women at the gym use the smartwatch equally. Also, using the Chi-Square Test Statistic = 1.8322 is less than the critical value 3.8415, which supports the failing of rejecting the null hypothesis. New strategy Given that there is no difference between the male and female use of the Fitbit. Therefore, a new strategy needs to be setup to increase the utilization of this gadget on a daily routine, since only 19% (19 out of 100) of those that goes to the gym use them. The gym should encourage people taking this gadget as one necessity for exercise since it can measure the heartbeat, body water, sleep, among another vital aspect that can maximize the effect of exercise. So, the gym can help people attending for exercising to secure smartwatches. This can be achieved through, increasing the fee with some margin which will purchase the watch and the rest should be paid in consecutive monthly payments. Through this strategy, people exercising will get this gadget more easily. To evaluate whether this strategy will work, a survey was carried out on 1000 participants, whether they were asked whether they supported the new idea. The data were collected, and there was a need to test whether it was effecting. Since the confidence interval of those that agreed with the new strategy is between 86.95% and 90.25%, which does not contain 0.5. It implies that we are 90% confident that people like the new strategy. Therefore, above 50% of the customers support the new change strategy to increase the use of Fitbit in gyms. Conclusion The research was successfully executed and the objectives achieved. First, the research shows that the utilization of a smart watch in both male and female is independent. In simple terms, the use of Fitbit is not associated with the gender. This means that the use of these gadgets is not significantly different between male and female. Also, a new strategy was laid down whether the gym operators are supposed to help the gym participants in purchasing the smart watch, which they will repay in installments. Consequently, most of the people attending the gym will have this gadget that will help them in exercising. Finally, a survey was carried out to determine whether people support the new strategy. It was established that most of the people (above 50%) support the new changes. The results suggest that the new strategy should be implemented as it will be of benefit and people will take is positive. References Fumo, N. (2016). Why Women Arent Buying Smartwatches. [online] Racked. Available at: [Accessed 29 Jan. 2017]. McHugh, M.L., 2013. The chi-square test of independence. Biochemia Medica, 23(2), pp.143-149. Torralba, T. (2016). 5 Reasons Why Most Women Don't Own a Smartwatch | [online] |. Available at: [Accessed 29 Jan. 2017].

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Business Structure Incorporation Company †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Business Structure Incorporation Company. Answer: Introduction: After going through the facts that have been provided in this question, it becomes clear that Richard and his sons, David and Liam will obtain certain benefits if they go ahead and incorporate a company in order to expand their current business. The reason is that when the business structure of sole trader or partnership is compared with the company, it is easier to expand the business. Significant cost has to be incurred for the purpose of registration of a company as against the case where the business is run as sole trader or in partnership Management. However in the long run, the cost incurred in the incorporation of the company can be considered as a part of the business expenses (Sweeney, OReilly and Coleman, 2013). Similarly, only registering a business name is less expansive as compared to register a corporation. But after the registration of a corporation management, the business name is not required to be registered (Lipton, Herzberg and Welsh, 2016). The reason behind this situation is that after the incorporation of a corporation, the full name of the corporation, ending with "Pty Ltd" has to be used. Regarding the ongoing costs, the registration of a business name requires renewal after a fix interval. The government also charges a fee for this purpose. But in case of a company, the law requires that an annual fee has to be paid to the ASIC by every registered company. The major advantage that is associated with the incorporation of a company is present in the form of the Limited liability of its members. Therefore the law provides that when a company has been incorporated, the liability of its members is confined to their shares (Graw, 2011). However, the situation is different, in case of sole traders and partners. They are treated to be personally responsible for the debts and obligations of the business. Similarly, among other benefits available in case of the incorporation of a company deals with the rate of tax. Therefore the persons managing business by registering a business name are required to pay income tax at the normal, marginal rate but in case of the companies registered in Australia, a flat rate of tax is applicable. This rate is significantly less than the rate of tax that applies in case of individuals. Due to the reason that a company is treated by the law as a distinct legal entity, the law allows the company to own property in its own name. A corporation can also enter into a contract in its own name. In this way a company is considered by the law as a separate legal entity that is separate from its members and directors (Pentony et al., 2009). Before discussing the steps that need to be taken for the purpose of the registration of a company, the first issue is to decide which business structure will be most appropriate in the present case. Therefore, Richard and his sons are also required to decide the appropriate business structure for the expansion of their business. In order to make this decision, the parties have considered all the circumstances. For instance, in this case, Richard owns a successful business. Soon, his sons, David and Liam are also going to join him in business. However, in this case, they want to expand the family business. For this purpose, the parties are required to select the most appropriate business structure. The most appropriate business structure, in the present case will be that allows the parties to easily raise funds that are necessary for expanding the business. Similarly, there is another issue present in this question. Richard wants that the company should be named "Ridali". On the other hand, his sons was that the name of the business should be "Rich's Guarantee Olives". At this point it needs to be stated that there is a difference present between the registration of a company and only the registration of a business name. When the parties are going to select a name for their business, there are certain issues that have to be looked into. For instance, the name selected by the parties should not be similar to the name of a present business. Therefore, only the name that does not match any present corporation or business management name can be used. Thus it can be recommended that a name availability search should be made in order to ensure that the name selected by the parties is available or not. In this regard, the law provides that if the parties also have an identical name, such name may be registered by the parties as the name of the business. The law also provides that there are certain words due to which people may be misled regarding the activities of the company. Therefore, it is not permissible to use these words for example, any relationship with the government, Royal family or ex-servicemen. It is also insisted that companys name should also reveal the liability of its members. For instance, if the members have limited liability regarding the debts and obligations of the company, it is necessary that companys name ends with Proprietary Limited. In the same way, when the members of the company have unlimited liability, the law provides that the name should end "Proprietary". However if the parties want to exhibit a diverse name, an alternative is accessible to them according to which they can register another name as the business name. Therefore in this case, Rich's Guaranteed Olives can register a business name "Ridali". Therefore in such a case the business can trade under the name "Ridali". This name will be displayed on all the signage of the business. After going through the facts of this question, it appears that the issue in this case is if Terry and the other employees are allowed by the law to sue Cosmo Mine Ltd (CM). The reason behind this issue is that they were working for Cosmo Mining Services Pty Ltd (CMS). Cosmo Mine Ltd was a subsidy of CMS. The shareholders of CMS passed a resolution according to which they were going to establish a new corporation and CMSs business was going to be sold to this company. Therefore, CMS was going to be wound up. Under these circumstances, the question before Terry and the other employees of the company is if any action can be initiated against the parent company, CM or their employer company CMS. According to the general rule applied by the corporations law, a company is considered as having its own separate legal identity. The rule of separate entity was mentioned by the court in Salomon v Salomon (1896). The court affirmed that every company enjoys a distinct identity in the eyes of law. Therefore, this rule provides that, according to the corporations law, every company has its own separate legal identity after its registration (Vermeesch and Lindgren, 2005). As a result of the doctrine, a company can own property in its own name and enter into contracts in its own name. Therefore, the liabilities of the company are companys own liabilities and can be enforced against the company only. Similarly, a company can also be sued under its own name. In the same way, the doctrine of limited liability provides that the members of the company are not individually accountable for the liabilities of the corporation. Consequently, the debts and obligations of a particular company have to be enforced against the company only and the members of the company (directors and shareholders) cannot be held personally liable regarding these obligations. However, the rule related with limited liability of the members of a company is a general rule. There is an exception applicable to the general rule. It is known as piercing the corporate veil. In this regard, the corporations law provides that in certain cases, the courts are allowed by the law to ignore the distinct legal identity of a company and therefore the courts may decide to lift the corporate veil. Such decision can be made under the circumstances where the court is willing to inflict legal responsibility on the persons who have control over the corporation. This obligation is also present under the tort law, where it has been mentioned that in cases involving negligence, there should be a relationship of proximity present between the parties. The same requirement is also present in case of lifting the corporate veil. In Barrow v CSR Ltd (1988) the court was of the opinion the company needs to be considered liable for the tort of its subsidiary company towards its employees. Consequently, due to negligence of the subsidiary company, an employee of the company suffered asbestosis. The court concluded that in such a case it was not important if the principles of agency law were used to describe the case or if the proximity between the employees of the parent company and its subsidiary has been used or if the doctrine of lifting the corporate veil has been used, or the issue has been discussed in terms of the control of the parent company. The court stated that in all the cases, the final effect will be similar. Similarly in Briggs v James Hardie Co Pty Ltd (1989), the court found that the issue deals with negligence. The court had to consider the issue of lifting the corporate veil, along with the notion of foreseeability. In view of the decision given in the cases related with this issue, the current legal position can be described as follows. If sufficient resources are not available to the subsidiary company to compensate the other party under the law of tort, the other party can claim compensation from the party that has ultimate control over the subsidiary. In view of this legal position, in the present case also, it can be concluded that Terry can bring a claim against the parent company, CM. It was unanimously decided by the shareholders of CMS that the company is going to be wound up and the business of CMS was going to be sold to Lazarus Pty Ltd., a new company formed for this purpose. However in this case, it is clear that this new company has been created only for the purpose of evading the liability of CMS towards his former employees as well as the other residents of the town. These persons are suffering from cancer due to the reason that as a result of the mining activities of CMS, their drinking water has been contaminated. Now the situation is that the subsidiary company does not have the resources to pay compensation to these residents. The payment company CM owns 120, out of the 200 shares of its subsidiary, CMS.. At this point, it also needs to be mentioned that CS has complete control over the activities of its subsidiary. CMS had also leased the mining equipment from CM. In view of this situation, it can be concluded in the present case that Terry can sue the parent company, CS or the newly formed company, Lazarus for compensation. Under the circumstances, the court may decide to let the corporate veil and impose liability on the parent company which has ultimate control on the activities of CMS. References Harris, J. Hargovan, A. Adams, M. 2015, Australian Corporate Law LexisNexis Butterworths 5th edition, Lipton P, Herzberg A and Welsh, M, 2016, Understanding Company Law, 18th edition, Thomson Reuters Pentony, Graw, Lennard Parker, 2009, Understanding Business Law 3rd ed Butterworths Stephen Graw, 2011, An Introduction to the Law of Contract, 7th Ed., Thomson Reuters. Sweeney, OReilly Coleman, 2013, Law in Commerce, 5th Ed., LexisNexis. Vermeesch, R B, Lindgren, K E, 2005, Business Law of Australia Butterworths, 11th Edition Barrow v CSR Ltd (1988) Unreported Briggs v James Hardie Co Pty Ltd (1989) 16 NSWLR 549 Salomon v A Salomon Co Ltd [1896] UKHL 1