Monday, March 25, 2019

The Internet Essay -- Technology Impact Web Cyberspace Essays

The net Today the use of applied science is tremendous. Almost every al-Qaida has a computer and a centering of communication like the telephone. to the highest degree have radios and satellites for cable television. To some people technology is all that they wager on for survival. I have learned that technology plays a considerable role in every persons life. The use of technology today has helped make life a little bit simpler and has changed our way of thinking. For instance, the Internet is a highly effective tool for communicating, for gathering entropy and for cooperation between dispersed locations. It has negated the limitations of physical presence (Shields 5). There is continuous ontogenesis and improvement. The growing list of applications serves as testament to advertising, communication, shopping, and banking, to name just a few. Many businesses are discovering new slipway to reach their customers, new ways to improve efficiency, new products and services to se ll. The future is limited only by your imagination. The Internet is, quite literally, a network of networks. It is comprised of thousands of interconnected networks spanning the globe (Black 1). The computers that stamp the Internet range from huge mainframes in research establishments to modest PCs in peoples homes and offices. Despite the recent hype, the Internet is not a new phenomenon. Its roots lie in a collection of computers that were associate together in the mid-1960s to form the US Department of Defenses communications systems. Fearing the consequences of nuclear attack, there was no central computer retention vast amounts of data, rather the information was dispersed across thousands of machines. A site of rules, of protocols, known as TCP/IP was developed to allow dispar... ... to the Internets bytes there has been a long road of development. The reason for the developments is the inclination for information. Information has always been valuable. Each one of the se inventions has been a tool for governmental and economical resource in their time, and each has been surpassed by the next in efficiency and speed. Global communication is becoming more and more a comfortable, worldly cultural phenomenon. Together with this development the world is becoming a smaller place. The question is what is next? Works Cited Black, Uyless. Advanced Internet Technologies. newly Jersey Prentice-Hall, 1999. Shields, Rob, ed. Cultures of Internet Virtual Spaces, Real Histories, Living Bodies. California keen Publications, 1996. Whyte, W. S. networked futures trends for communication systems development. New York John Wiley & Sons, 1999.

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