Thursday, February 28, 2019

Effects of Deforestation

Tropical rain forest is very outstanding for our nature such as for ecosystem balance, earth temperature and flora and fauna home ground. In our country Malaysia, most of the forest are announced as a forest reserve to preserve our forest from destroyed. Not only big to flora and fauna but also to heap. For some people, their lives depends on forest. However, deforestation activity by irresponsible people has led to imbalanced ecosystem. outset of every(prenominal), the effect of deforestation is pollution especially irrigate pollution. This problem occurred when people often cut down the trees illegally. So, there are no root to hold and prevent the soil from fall down. The soil that does not reserve roots to hold it can easily fall down into the river. Consequently, the water becomes polluted. Cloudy and shallow. From this, the aquatic life ecosystem will be threatened and damaged. other effect of the deforestation is flora extinction. As we all know, forest is the habitat of most species for flora. For instance, raflesia, nepenthis, ferns, and various kinds of wood. The loggers who cut down the trees do not like whether the kind of trees is mature or immature. As a result, the trees which is flora habitat will be damaged. The flora will die and extinct payable to this problem.Finally, we can see clearly the bad effects from deforestation. If this problem relieve happen, our forest will be damaged and vanish. In that case, our next generation will not have a chance to know all these valuable flora. So that, government and people should work together to subjugate this problem.

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