Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Social services bureau and the youth commission to the White House- Essay

Social services bureau and the youth commission to the White House- Juvenile Justice - Essay eventThis article will analyze the various strategies proposed by drug control experts at the opening of the hearing.The panel experts suggested that money be used in hiring upstart law enforcement agents who will patrol the countrys boarders targeting large drug dealers and making drug raids here and abroad. This policy will demand new uncompromising measures like mandatory waiver of drug dealers to the adult court system, strict punishment for drug possession and sale as well as baronial death penalty on for drug related gang killings. The police executives need to know that they can make more arrests than prosecutors can prosecute. However, arresting be the most effective way of keeping drug traffickers afraid of the police arrests (Taylor, 40).More money should be channeled to the police departments and particularly to the anti-narcotic unit. The money will be used in establishing sp ecial drug forces that will particularly deal with the threatening drug market. These operators will perform the role of patrolling within the country borders and in the country. The officers will patrol all the drug prone areas like the poor cities. Patrolling will also involve police check on those goods brought into the country and on the goods exported. This will limit the imports and exports thus reducing illegal drug trade. Increasing the money spent on drug trafficking is because few resources tend to limit the trading operations of the narcotic enforcement. Success in the patrolling operations depends on the amount of resources channeled by the government into the narcotic unit (Taylor, 310).Narcotics law enforcers need to be empowered to operate expressive in law enforcement. The worse situation of drug trafficking that exist in the country needs more resources to be devoted in the sector. These resources accommodate more employees operational tasks that will deal with t he street dealers. The

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