Monday, April 22, 2019

Political Parties Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Political Parties - Essay ExampleAs we may notice, Republicans and Democrats seem to affect comparable ideals when the interest of the American population as a whole is concerned, only that they do not sh atomic number 18 the same opinion as to who are most appropriate to be bestowed the right of governance. Upon solving of the winning candidates in an election, cries of deception are hardly evident unlike in some countries where semipolitical parties exist in multitude and demonstrate hostility against one an opposite. There is more assurance to a majority consensus given the fact that there are only two options available and a hard-hitting choice between groups standing for opposing policies.4 If there are other parties, then take officials do not necessarily get majority of the votes thus, what came about is not to be considered national unity. some other reason that gives favor to the two- party competition lies in the conviction that it is the simplest and likeliest way to have an effective democratic organisation.5 In a country that upholds democracy, all citizens are granted equal share in the decisions that affect their lives. There is no point making a choice when there is no qualified information to serve as a common ground. In the presence of many prospective brass groups, people can have a hard time monitoring qualifications, performances, and credibility among aspects that must be look into before a ballot is filled out. In a country as too large and varied as the United States, a multi-party system would be likely to produce paralysis of government at the national level.6 Similarly, the ruling party is openly held accountable for overseeing the government7 that should incumbent officials fail in their undertakings or rather fall short of expectations, they are bound to devise approaches that can ameliorate the situation. In this case, it is safe to assume that the general welfare is put on top priority and corruption, although not tota lly brought to an end, is at least kept to a minimal degree. People will simply go the other direction in the instance of dissatisfaction, and this is what the party in power works hard to avoid. The other party serving as its critic is compelled to instigate remonstrations when dishonesty in the service is observed. They keep a rattling eye on proceedings that do not coincide with the constitutional provisions, and needless to say, hope for a better political standing in the future. In result, power is dispersed accordingly, and any attempt to flip-flop the democratic structure of the government is constantly impeded. The absence of monarchists and Marxists as real choices in most American elections seems an acceptable price for the advantages of the two-party system.8 The United States is a country of liberalisma government of the people, by the people, and for the people. A form of power that is vested upon a single person by birthright9, and the principle that actions and huma n institutions are economically determined10 will only lead to insurrections from the citizens who believe that

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