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What Is a Bboy?

David Le Date 3/20/13 Dr. Hasell ENGL 1301 38107 Word Count 1,159 What is a Bboy? (final) Bboying is not but a movement. It is a passion, a language, a form of art and comportion. The footing bboy (be-boy) and breaker come from the words impersonate boy and break boy. Bboy refers to individual who trip the light fantastic toes to the beat of the music and breaker refers to approximately wholeness who dances to the break section of a song. The part of a song where on that point is no singing, well(p) uncontaminated instrumental music. Essenti exclusivelyy bboys and breakers are the same.Breaking is real different and peculiar when you compare it to other styles of dance. Ballet r spuds around graceful movements while bboying sight be whatever the dancer ascertains like doing during a song. All that matters is the beat of the music and the passion of the dancer. The most important thing ab step up bboying is having the gamble to conduct yourself, that brief moment whe n you give the sack be true to yourself. Bboying is a unique form of art. You may have heard that painters need devotion before they can create art.For a bboy, the music is the inspiration, from the instant you feel the beat travel through your body to the very(prenominal) end of individually dance set. That small interval of metre is when some mavin would paint the realise of what he or she is feeling through physical movements. Some qualification have the urge to do power moves. These moves involve require carriage and complete control over the body, for example hopping while holding a one handed handstand. Other dancers might feel the music is moving them to express in slower more fluid motions by maybe gracefully sliding and spinning while on their knees.There are some basics moves for breakdancing but the surmount dancers are original and create their avouch personal signature moves or styles. Once a family the best bboy cabals from all around the humans exit co me to one crack and meshing for each one other through dance in parade to gain respect from other dancers all around the world. This event is called battle of the year. I think one of the biggest defining things ab off battle of the year is that the winning prize money is only three thousand dollars. by and by this is split mingled with maybe 10 crew members the amount of while put in to win doesnt pay off.But to these professional bboys the felicitate that comes with winning is all that is needed. When the dance battles take place each crew get out take turns sending in one member to freestyle to the music. apiece bboy is different, there cannot and never will be two volume that dance with the exact same style. This is one of the amazing things of breaking. A friend of mine likes to dance with a wobbly drunkenness with each step in order to taunt his opponent while another friend is very serious in order to show that the opponent has no chance of winning the battle.Ive s een one dancer end his freestyle set smoking an imaginary cigarette and throwing it onto his opponent to tell him he had just gotten smoked. Now, if this was each other hobby or sport, doing these sorts of things might get you beat up. However, this is one of the beauties of the bboy culture. Even after conveying such mean and hurtful actions any bboy understands that it is all part of the act and it is nothing personal. oer time jest or making fun of your opponent has become a very essential part of dance battles. After each battle all competitors will perpetually shake hands and hug, even if it is a tote up stranger.For most bboys, respect is given right from the second someone else decides to express themselves over the music in the spotlight. This is because most breakers know that it takes endurance to would out in front of a crown and express yourself ignoring what people may think. The complex language of dance is solely unique and is what makes the bonds and friendshi ps between breakers so powerful. Sweat, pain, and exhaustion are all things that intersect the line of bboying. To any true dancer, the drive to improve will always out way the pain and the downsides.Every crash is a lesson the only way to improve as dancer is to learn from previous mistakes. Over the years engineering has do this easier many bboys can now simply record themselves in order to watch for errors or mistakes during their practice sessions. While this helps decrease the time it takes to learn things, true breaker will never stop and always strive to be a better dancer. Ultimately there is no finish line the real goal is the friendships and memories that will be made through this journey. He or she will always be act to beat that future opponent who may be good or bad.There are four main elements of bboying power, footwork, top rock, and freezes. Power moves have the steepest breeding curve of them all. The most basic power move is called the windmill and this on ave rage takes at least 6 months to learn just one rotation. And when I introduce six months, I mean six months of practicing every(prenominal) day for one hour minimum. There are many bboys out there who love power moves for this very reason. They are so solid to master, and achieving them makes it worth that much more. The best bboys have a good vestibular sense between all four of these different styles.During this adventure of learning each style, good breakers dissect each move in travail to make new and original things out of the old. It may be just one slight difference of being lower or high with your legs or it could be a whole combo of fast stepping movements stringed together with original fluid transitions. This is the true beauty of bboying one can do whatever one wants. There is no one in the world that can say you are doing your own style incorrectly. Creativity is a truly amazing thing. Because of the nature of the brain, there is an endless amount of combinations and movements that can be thought of or discovered.Dancing, to put it simply, is a vessel to express ideas and emotions. The only reason breaking is still thriving today is because there is always something new that can be created. Every generation will build off what their previous generation has made and make it their own. Over time the foundation moves have changed, and it will always continue to evolve as long as there is music and a will to express. Some might say that other things make up a true dancer, but out of all of them I would have to say the most vital things are to be original, be unique, be you bboy.

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