Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Country Dancing Hall :: Descriptive Essay Examples, country, dance

The Country spring H any(prenominal)   Get down, turn around, go to town, Boot Scootin Boogie This is a familiar mend of music sung by Brooks and Dunn that is regularly heard at my favorite place, Boot Scootin thorium at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds. some people believe that country music is just singers whining about their divorce, the finish of their dog, etc. In reality, however, it is much more than that. Country music is all about life experiences. This place allows people of all ages to be free, cast off time with those they care about, and just have fun. This is because they can dance the shadow away, either with the standard style or with their own style, talk to their friends, extenuate stress by not thinking about what is on their mind, still by only thinking of having fun, and/or do whatever they would ilk to do This is the only place that I know of where people of all ages can go to do all of these things at once.   Boot Scootin Thursday is held on Thursday nights from seven oclock to eleven oclock in the ballroom of the Dubuque County Fairgrounds. It is a huge room that could probably hold (and has held) a couple unity thousand people. It is a dark room, with the exception of stringed at large(p)s that hang the ceiling of the building and the light that is on the stage where the music is played from. The dance floor is woody and surrounded by carpet that has tables and chairs for the dancers to rest and people to talk. In the center of the dance floor is a disco ball, that is usually lit during the loath songs. To the right of the stage is the bar, where ace can buy pop, water, alcohol (if twenty-one), or juice. In the snack area, which is located to the far right corner of the ballroom, one can buy food ranging from candy bars to a piece of pizza or popcorn.   Country line dancing has become one of the most popular forms of dancing in this country. Many people assign that it is just a phase like disco was back i n the seventies, but those of us who are regular country dancers, feel differently. For us, it is a way to free oneself from the struggles of life and get in shape it is a physical thing.

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