Sunday, March 17, 2019

Southern Culture :: essays research papers

s step forwardhern CultureWhat is southern Culture? southwardern culture is study up of three main things. The southernmost is known for its hospitality, language and food. southwardern culture is like no other culture in the world. conspiracyern hospitality is the best in the world. People that live in the second are very nice and are always willing to divine service another person in any way they can. If individual is from out of town and needs directions to a certain place southerners will make sure he or she knows how to get there before he or she leaves them. Southerners are very polite. Every time we pass roundone on the rode, we are going to wave at him or her. Towns in the South have fewer people and everyone knows everyone. The people in the South are nicer than anywhere else in the United States.Language in the South varies according to which area someone is in and what the persons pagan background is. Most white people that live in the South have a country draw i n their accent or talk very proper. Most black people in the South talk using Ebonics or are really proper, but some do have a draw in their accent. The other heathen groups talk in their native language or in slope with a distinct accent associated with their ethnicity. If one is in Southern lanthanum their accent will be Cajun. The language in the South is similar in most places according to the persons race still in Southern Louisiana. The Souths food is like no other places. The Souths food has lots of spices in it and gives the food a terrific flavor and most places food is bland. People in the South devise fried foods, seafood, and Cajun style foods. . The South has many dishes it is famous for crawfish, gumbo, fried chicken, and boudain.

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