Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Essay --

The movie Sherrybaby depicts a young woman struggle to pick up her lifetime where it left forward after universe released from prison. She tries to rebuild her life but encounters many obstacles along the way. She tries to rekindle the family with her daughter Alexis, while battling to stay clean from her heroin addiction. She also seems to pass water a difficult time forming relationships with people in her halfway kinsperson and using her sexuality to get her way in the work field. She is in over her head as she tries to jump right into where she left off three years ago. Despite her positive attitude, we witness the challenges she faces with low self-esteem, snapper ab consumption, and the guilt of leaving her daughter Alexis to be raised by her crony and sister in law. In the very beginning of the film when assay establish the fundamental things necessary to get her life back on back, we see how she uses her sexual appeal to get what she sine qua nons. When spea king with her parole officer, Sherry tries to use her good looks in persuading him to see her family in New Jersey. After he quickly picks up on this, dissatisfied Sherry sulks using the excuse that she hasnt seen her daughter in years. Indeed family contact was the key motivator tell by participants for maintaining their recovery (Duffy & Baldwin, 2013). Perhaps her parole having dealt with similar cases to Sherry saw the effects family isolationism had on recovery. It is clear that he is not in on her coarse-grained but still, he allows her to go see her brother and daughter. Arriving at her current home Sherry is introduced to the director of the halfway home where we find the two of them in the basement sexually involved. Once again, we see Sherry using her good looks when attempt to ge... use, recovery from use and personal identity (Brener, Hippel, & Hippel, 2012). Sherry does acknowledge her addiction and does want to get clean. This theory could be useful in predicting future medicine use among people who are attempting to quit and who is likely to complete treatment. She shortly discovers things are not so easy or as expected. Sherry realizes during her freshman true parenting experience that she is not quite able to handle life on her own just yet. In order for Sherry to have a chance at rekindling her relationship with daughter Alexis, she must be volition to accept her weaknesses and accept the past. As the film unravels, it is evident she has issues from her past that are kept at bay reflecting on where she is in life. It is Sherrys liking to change that will ultimately determine whether she gets second chance at life.

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