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Bed Time Stories of the Saints Essay -- Children Stories Kids Essays

Bed Time Stories of the SaintsWhen children are young, it fanny be embarrassing for parents to teach them certain skills and lessons to live a good flavour. For example, toilet educational activity a young person is something all parents suffer through and closely of the time it is hard for them to teach their young ones how to use the bathroom. Several methods dupe been developed by psychologists, pediatricians, and other scholarly people on the toilet-training process. In addition to this, childrens books are published that are strictly say at teaching children about their own bodily functions, and using the restroom. The nomenclature apply, the illustrations, and the delivery of the language, is directed at children. Even childrens bibles are make because children cannot comprehend, or hold the attention to the King James version on the Bible, and so the stories of the bible and its teachings are rewritten in a language children can understand, as well as presented in a manner that allow for hold a childs attention. This same approach is used for Catholic stories of their saints in order to teach children about them and their lives that they lived, which reflects how the Church instructs its chase to live in order to go on to everlasting life with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Each childrens story evaluated, although directed to teach children, or to help the parents teach the child, also contains a certain sub-text, and by compare the same childrens stories to those written for adults and the general public about saints, and by examining the authors intent, as well as the intent of the Catholic church, the importance of these distinguishable story styles and their purpose will be determined. The first story study will be th... ...ersion of a saints story is read, the indorser will learn something different and take something different from each one.whole kit and boodle CitedDe Cantimpre, Thomas. The Life of Christina the Astonish ing. Trans. King, Margot H., David Wilijer. 2nd ed. Toranto, Canada Peregrina Publishing Company, 1999. De Pizan, Christine. Saint Catherine. The Book of the City of Ladies. unsanded York Persea Books, 1982. 217. De Voragine, Jacobus. Saint Cecilia, Saint Catherine. The Golden Legend. Princeton, New Jersey Princeton University Press, 1993. 318. Lee, dog-iron C. SS R. Bedtime Stories of the Saints. Vol. 2. Liguori, Missouri Liguori Publications, 1980. Lee, Frank C. SS R. Bedtime Stories of the Saints. Vol. 1. Liguori, Missouri Liguori Publications, 1980. Potter, Giselle. Lucys Eyes and Margarets Dragon. San Francisco Chronicle Books, 1997.

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