Monday, February 11, 2019

The Rights of a Political Prisoner versus the Rights of a Terrorist :: September 11 Terrorism Essays

The Rights of a Political Prisoner versus the Rights of a Terrorist In this essay I will discuss why political prisoners are often categorize as terrorists ever since September 11, 2001, also I will bear witness what overcompensates political prisoners cause to that of terrorist. In this essay I will have the contents of first my reasons for why political prisoners are categorized as terrorist. Secondly, I will make the objection to the rights. Lastly, I will act by explaining my position in which I believe that in either case that in any form a political prisoner who looks to takes in any actions of any form to infringe against my right to lively life and to enjoy it should be categorized as terrorist. Several reasons strike into of why political prisoners are categorized as terrorist. Before the tragic events of September 11, 2001, we have had a right to unafraid society centre the right to live freely in this America with no prisonbreak with an orderly society free from interference from outside influences. In this case on September 11, 2001 those rights got infringed upon with the attack on America. This showed that for one day in 2001 that America was not so superior. The right of living in a safe society was now a fore gone formality. The right to work was not the same as well meaning in reference to those who were working that morning of the attack. Just when I thought it was safe to go to work I was wrong with one day that changes my life. I wrestled with this profiling of all actions of the political nature. A web site called the first principle federation, which supports political prisoners as a totally autonomous unified group, which looks to climb up collectively on struggles against government policies. They informed me that Political Prisoners act to arrest out support of legitimate struggles for self-determination or for opposing the banned policies for the government along with its political sub-divis ions. In the Common Dreams New optic web site reported a study on what a terrorist was. It explains to me that a terrorist is one who acts or engages in an act of terrorism.

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