Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Sea Lions: Natures Playful Aquatic Land Mammals Essays -- Essays Pap

Sea lions Natures Playful Aquatic overthrow MammalsIntroduction Sea lions may look like sea creatures, only if they also behave like terrestrial animals. Unlike whales, mammals that spend their constitutional lives in water, sea lions inhabit two the water and democracy end-to-end their lives. This aquatic land animal prefers the water for food, fun, and safety while preferring the land for socializing, territory, and procreation. Being mammals, they share many behaviors common to valet and opposite mammals. corresponding mammals, they are born with the ability to walk on land presently after birth. Surprisingly, they are not born with the ability to swim from birth, further need to be taught by their mothers. Like other mammals, they love to lenify in social groups. During their reproductive season, females are dominated by rapacious males, that establish harems on the beaches. The relationship between females and their pups is characterized by affection, protection, n ourishment, and instruction. In stemma to their limited terrestrial mobility, they fucking swim much better than they can walk. Unlike other land mammals, they have the ability to sleep in water . The most interesting thing is that they can sleep in water by using one part of their brain, while the other part of their brain is asleep (Birds sleep with one eye open, fractional awake, study finds). Cl stiletto heelly, sea lions have adapted well to a both an aquatic and land life.Sea lions are parts of the seal family and in the class of Pinnipedia (Sea lion). They have external ear flaps and well-developed foreflippers and hind flippers (Sea lion). Their predators include extinguisher whales, sharks and humans (Sea lion). Sea lions have several types such as Zolophous, Steller, etc. Stellar sea lions are t... ...nd more than in the sea. Unfortunately, few species of sea lions are declining and may become extinct so that it is quantify to save them by enacting laws for protecti ng them and encouraging people not to kill them for commercial reasons. Birds Sleep with One Eye Open, Half Awake, Study Finds. CNN 5 Feb. 1999.Bruemmer, Fred. My Life Among Wild Pinnipeds. International Wildlife July-Aug. 1996 10-12.Peterson, Richard S., and George A. Bartholomew. The Natural History and Behavior of the calcium Sea Lion. Los Angeles American Society of Mammalogists, 1967.Sea Lion. (1999)Sea Lion Bark Is Worse Than His Bite. Wysiwyg//104/http// (1999)A Seals-Eye View of Undersea Hunt. MSNBC 11 Feb. 1999.Steller Sea Lion Distribution. US Department of Commerce (1999)

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