Monday, February 18, 2019

Internet and Personal Privacy Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive Essays

Internet and Personal PrivacyIn the atomic number 18na of today most records basis be easily accessed by a home computer. Even Governmental records can be viewed. Some entrust this has benefits, while others are screaming about invasion of privacy. Heated debates can go on for many hours about this topic. Each side has lot who devote all their time and energy to see their side of the job prevail. The independence of reading Act which was established in 1966 states that all raft shall have access to federal records. This allows the public to be kept au courant of the workings in the government. Any person may request a document, which the government must present, however, the government can not synthesize a document. It is even possible to order these records on the World Wide Web. The vex of the Freedom of Information Act, John E. Moss, believed that citizens have a right to the study gathitherd with their tax money and that enforcing that right is essential to maintainin g a democracy. in that respect are many types of records, which can be obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, and most can be viewed with a computer. Many believe this empowers people. Yet, there are many people who do not understand the powers that are granted with the Freedom of Information Act. The church of Scientology has taken on the righteousness of informing people. The church does not only inform the citizens of the United States, provided also peoples of other countries. On the side for freedom of information is attorney James H. Lesar, Lesar is widely recognized as one of the nations preeminent attorneys in the Freedom of Information arena. He has obtained the release of around 1 million pages of documents, primarily from the ... ...ights Leadership Profile James H. Lesar, reformer for Freedom of Information. Online. Available http// 2001. March 5.Electronic Privacy Information Center. (1999). In Open Government. Online . Available 2001. March 5.Export-Import Bank of the United States. (2001). In Freedom of Information Act. Online. Available 2001. March 5.National Information Infrastructure line Force. (1997). Options for Promoting Privacy on the National Information Infrastructure. Online. Available 2001. March 5.Welch, S. & Gruhl, J. & Comer, J. & Rigdon, S. & Steinman, M. (1999). American Government (7th ed.). California West/Wadsworth.This document may be accessed at http//

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