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Creative Ads Motivates People to Drink Water

originative Ads Motivates People to Drink body of water Creative Ads Motivates People to Drink Water It is soundly known that pissing is atomic number 53 of the approximately essential elements for all organisms, especially human beings. However, even though commonwealth realize how important piddle is for them they do non potable their daily-recommended amount of water. Therefore, organizations form water campaigns to encourage people to drink 8 to 12 glaze per day, which maintains the consistencys hydration.Nevertheless, most people moot that water campaigns be uninteresting, which makes them ineffective. Evian and approach are water companies that prove to marketplace place their products through their ads that locomote people to drink more than water so that they live young and healthy. Furthermore, the commercialiseds grab peoples oversight by using original and artistic ideas that send to customers the same message that the water campaigns but in a fast a nd creative way, which convince people to buy bottled water even though they can consume it for free. hold tight is matchless of the worlds largest food companies that besides sells mineral water marketed by an inspi carmine advertisement. This Nestle uncontaminated life water TV commercial starts with a picture of the Nestle bottle of water and the questionwhy does your carcass need 8 glasses a day of Nestle thin Life. The mise en scene of the advertisement is both muddied and discolor which matches the nestle bottle of water. Although water is colorless, the Nestle Company probably chose blue(a) because it is used almost always to represent the purity of water (Kalyan Meola, 2005).The background includes a large picture of the number 8, which represents the number of glasses of water people should drink daily, and it is illustrated in an artistic way since it is also blue and include reflections on the numbers edges. The question Why does your body need 8 glasses a day of Nestle Pure Life is answered by a short moving picture that explains the importance of hydration. The sanction part of the advertisement starts with a brunette good example who seems to be in her thirties.The postures skin color and facial features do not indicate a particular nationality, which allows this ad to be shown in diametric countries that can relate to it. In the third part of the advertisement the model starts to drink the water and takes us on a tour that demonstrates the models respiratory and digestive system in a creative way. Additionally, the Nestle water becomes an image of a waterfall in a tropical jungle.I believe that using a forest in this ad sends a message to customers that the Nestle water company products are natural. anyhow that, the ad includes a family playing in the waterfall, and that is a way to displace and attract people, especially young children, to live healthy and drink Nestle Pure Water. What grabbed my attention is that the waterfall is circulating around numerous kinds of red and intercept flowers that are arranged in the determine of the human heart.Using pink flowers for the heart will convince people that drinking 8 glasses of water is necessary for the bodys health. Moreover, while watching the video ad I discovered that it creates an illusion of a human body discover of nature such as the bodys lungs, which are represented by various tropical plants, and the intestine, which is created from a waterfall. Finally, the model turns out to be a mother with a healthy body shape standing with her son and husband in a green raft range area.The Mother is habiliment a purple top with a bright pink 3-quarter trouser, which suits the layout of the advertisement. Furthermore, both the father and his son are wearing shorts only that show us their healthy figure that inwardness that Nestle Pure Water keeps the body healthy. Obviously, Evian is a brand of mineral water that uses creativity in order to market its pur e water. The bang green Evian water advertisement shows many people wearing a t-shirt that creates the illusion that these models have the body of an infant.Although the phrase Live Young usually refers to being adventurous, using this illusion sends the message that bottled water companies hear to achieve which is the purity of their products. Babies, as newborns, are pure because most of them lose diseases and stress. Looking at the layout of the advertisement, the white background makes the advertisement very tyrannical as it represents calmness and purity besides, it makes the models white T-shirts fade into the light background, which makes the impair bodies seem real.Furthermore, the advertisements models are of various ethnicities, which allow more people to relate to it, and help the ad become globally well known since it can be displayed in any country. Besides that, most models are young, yet others are older, which motivates older customers to buy Evian water too. F urthermore, what grabbed my attention is that all of the models have healthy looking bodies, which suggests that drinking Evian Pure Water will keep you not only young but also healthy. The song Wordy Rappinghood is used to form a high-spirited modal value as the models move to the beat.Additionally, the models in the commercial are active, and doing different things equivalent drinking water, looking at their shirts, laughing and playing with their hair. All in all, water has always been the source of life for humans. However, people do not actually drink the amount water needed for their body. Therefore, the water companies try to break the routine of water campaigns by creating new artistic commercials that motivate people to become healthier by drinking water and to by their pure bottled water rather than drinking free tap water.Nestle Pure Water and Evian Water Company commercials are great examples since they both market their products and influence people to live a healthy life. References Duncan. (2011, April 20). Evian Babies Are backrest to Live Young. Retrieved from http//theinspirationroom. com/daily/2011/evian-babies-are-back-to-live-young/ Meola, K. V. (2005). The Psychology of Color. Hohonu , 3, 2. Nestle Pure Life indwelling Spring Water. (n. d. ). Retrieved May 27, 2011, from http//www. nestle-waters. ca/en/ourbrands/pure_life. htm

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