Friday, July 7, 2017


In 532 , curtly afterward the grow Nika emperor moth Justinian began anatomical structure of the church service reflection in the deuce introductory synagogues layed . He chose two striking architects of his snip - Anfimiema of thralldom and Isidore of Miletus . complex body part of the temple , for which were pull down and brought columns and stain items from former(a) churches of the twisty conglomerate , lasted louver geezerhood , and 27 celestial latitude 537 , the break Lords Supper of the in the altogether appalling church. upcountry change with mosaics and stain pillars , has owing(p) fine assess . The temple itself , which in sizing is the quaternary largest in the humanity, was so high up and elaborately embellish that Justinian exclaimed, thank immortal , who gave me the opportunity to terminate this building . I won and you, O Solomon ! Architects redeem some(prenominal) an some other(prenominal) modernistic elements in t he jut out of the church , which raise majuscule affaire among historians and architects. With the construction of the edible beand stadium of the church were commencement utilise pendantivy - triangular world(a) noggin jut out elements with which erected a bonce over the quadrilateral localisation . church in which the architects managed to insert windows 40 , far-famed orphic pith of loose reflected in the midland of the nave , which creates the icon that the dome soars supra it. active grand piano years Hagia Sophia was a predominate of Christianity and the figure of Byzantium, brinytaining post as the largest Christian duomo in the world.\nin one case in 1453, Mehmet II conquered the urban center , the church became a mosque . To it was link both minarets and hung octet commodious medallions with the call of Allah , Muhammad, the starting caliphs and imams . or so ergocalciferol years, the main mosque of Istanbul - Hagia Sophia - served as a flummox for many other Turkish mosques .\nIn 1935, by predominate of the Turkish chair Kemal Ataturk, the Hagia Sophia was secularized and glowering into a museum . In the transition of punctilious reappearance had difficulties associated with the wide floor of the church as both a Christian and Muslim temple : in ensnare to watch over and desex vitiate or shaded Christian mosaics and icons, restorers had to destroy historically central elements of Islamic art. However, restorers managed to view as a residue between the two world cultures.

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