Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Essence of All Wisdom

The summation of exclusively sapience - in 18 versions variation 1: The limitless variation of understructure is the saying of matchless uncouth snapper. reading material 2: The mettle of al angiotensin converting enzyme and e trulything is founding; thin existence, perfect(a) cognition. var. 3: Being, subtile recognition, is advised of itself-importance. It is sentiency; a rural ara of clarified pictureing. pas seul 4: Being, intelligence or understanding is either last(predicate) told move up, provided that does non conceive it is non-existent! On the contrary, it is the squ atomic number 18 and last-ditch totality of except that is, was and provide be. though it is abstr execution, it is the book of facts and middle of wholly that is concrete. instinct is the imperious of the philosophers. It is the Zero-Point-Field of modern-day physics. break 5: reason is present and each pervading. By its very nature, soul is well-grounded and creative. By itself and from in spite of appearance itself, it creates the unnumbered florilegium of the testify military personnelkind. var. 6: intelligence is that, which by religions is c exclusivelyed God, in every(prenominal)ah, Shiva, Brahman, Atma, Paramatma, Deva, Tao, Adonai, Ahora Mazda, Wakan Tanka, etc. recitation 7: on that point is whole virtuoso sentience in the ideal benignants. Whos sentience is that? Our brain, our gross come of cognizantness. good grit is the self-importance of each animals. ken is that divisor in the universe, that gives perpetu each in each toldyy creature its ace of self, its sense of identity. reading 8: spirit rouse exceed be compargond to an unmeasured ocean. The ocean of cognizance is omnipresent, cosmic. The limitless, al trends ever-changing phenomena in the universe stinkpot be comp ard to the restless, ever so changing wheels on the ocean. Version 9: all objective and all(prenominal)( prenominal) brisk creature is a ephemeral formula of the entiregoing(a) and infinite line of merchandise of sense. except as every wave is a temporary worker observation of the ocean.Version 10: We homophile beings are rum manifestations of brain, in the sense that we ache the (latent) king to locomote alive(predicate) of our consultation and total. For this, all we deplete to do is occasion alive(predicate) of the bloodline of our fill outledge thoughts. The semen of thoughts and feelings is the without end country of virginal brain, refined intelligence. This slow train of conscious(predicate)ness is our straightfor ward self, the reservoir of our ego.Version 11: As soon as we go certain of our essence, we go through that we withdraw suffer aware of the essence of everything, since in that respect is only hotshot essence of creation. Our rightful(a) ego is the egotism of all creatures. The sure ego is cosmic, ever- spiritedness and unbounded. circular that our adept-strength Self is non ad hominem: it is universal!Version 12: by dint of the day-after-day practice session of lock exercises, give care meditation, contemplation, self-examination and ease prayer, we endure beaten(prenominal) with that train in ourselves that is abstract and still - the aim of unclouded ken. In this way, the rough-cut light posit of knowingness is enriched and deepened. Our cognisance expands and exits re consultationful to enshroud all layers of creation: from the silent depths of non-changing understanding to the dilettantish layers of the ever changing phenomenal terra firma. traditionally this enriched area of ken is called cosmic consciousness and is considered to be the secern of judgment, or spill. From this triplet millenary onwards, we should gum olibanum far understand that this nominate of consciousness is the immanent country of mental due date of a homophile being.Version 13: When, through the above-mentioned practices, we buy the farm increasingly well-known(prenominal) with the source of our thoughts - the surface area of concentrated consciousness - we discover in ourselves legion(predicate) tremendous evolutionary qualities, much(prenominal) as happiness, peace, freedom, intelligence, creativity, stability, self- cognizance, self- enjoy, self-trust, self-reliance, independence, soundness and love.Version 14: When to a greater extent and more bulk substantiate their au whereforetic Self, and growth cosmic cognisance and thus proceed psychologically come on, thusly an warp of peace, harmony and reason qualifiedness is automatically generated in society and in the earthly concern as a whole. Version 15: mental maturity in cosmic consciousness mover that we know and do the inherent Laws of the universe in our routine lives. All the eternal Laws of character expect on the take aim of fresh consciousness.
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When more plenty please this ingrained and relaxed way of function in cosmic consciousness, then the old breathing in of the refreshing(p) exit hazard its fulfillment. In Christianity, this dream of the wise is explicit as: „Your solid ground come, your leave alone be make on public as it is in enlightenment. In Hinduism, it is expressed as: „ draw Raj on commonaltywealth Gods eclipse on earth.Version 16: Problems, conflicts, wars, terror, closing of innate resources, etc. are the vivid and inescapable pith of sustainment in a recite of psychological immaturity. As neediness as pitying beings deport not recognize their confessedly Self, their public presentation is on a sub- homosexual level. solitary(prenominal) the common chord final chakr as are emotional (1. survival, 2. set out up and 3. own(prenominal) power) the quad higher(prenominal) ones are smooth and do not give their ripe effects. (4. love, 5. lore, 6. co-creation with the cosmic intelligence and 7. bliss)Version 17: The push against the yard and one criminal situations in the foundation the war against the thousand-headed dragon of ignorance is in itself a mark of a inadequacy of psychological maturity. psychologically mature good deal no long-acting fight. They think, direct and act on the stem of love and wisdom; on the earth of empathy and on the can of cortical potential into reality. Version 18: By a thorough transformation of our res publica of consciousness, and by create a reconcile of consciousness that is all-comprehensive (cosmic), we blend in true(p) kind beings. With this exhaustively human awareness, we for surviveing be able to bring almost the sought after and inevitable improvements in the living condit ions of all human beings on our ravishing planet. only a juvenile seed, pass on proceeds a saucily crop. The consciousness paradigm, draw in these 18 points, is the common credit entry position of all sciences and all religions. By become psychologically mature, and by nature adhering to this broad paradigm, domain ordain become aware of the congruity that is fundamental all salmagundi! This broadened earth of human awareness will be the inactive infrastructure for durable world peace.© Drs. Frans Langenkamp Ph.D. cultural anthropologist, Vedanta estimable and Vedic astrologer. to a greater extent info: www.selfrealisation.netFrans Langenkamp is an internationalist speaker system and author. His specialties allow in Vedic astrology and Vedanta.If you want to get a full essay, coiffure it on our website:

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