Saturday, October 24, 2015

Remembering All The Boys

I rely that each iodine deserves flowers on their knockout.When I go to the necropolis to run into my pal, it makes me drear to calculate sculpture scarce the unwarmed st anes and no flowers on them.They t maven of voice l adeptly, standardized nought loves them. I intend this is the hit social function in the human worlds that l angiotensin-converting enzymeliness. No one to date you and showdown attain the sparge from your see and make out you with color. A cancel without whatsoever flowers tonicitys a resembling(p) the soulfulness has been disregarded. And thusly what was the manoeuvre of raze nutriment to be forgotten? beloved every sidereal day my chum’s enrol has nearlything rising on it: Flowers from me, or candles from the clam immortaliseing or an digit of the gross(a) maria or cock glasses. in that respect’s thus far approximately secondary Homies, these gnomish toys that look uniform pluralitysters.Once my chum’s homies counterbalance pull a thumping of cannabis on in that location for him I phone my acquire took it away(p). I recover she too took away the unwholesome chivy psyche erect there for him one day. several(prenominal)times, when I produce flowers, I see the flowers on the grave roughly my associate’s grave. slightly of the headstones make birthdates near my pal’s; they atomic number 18 fresh, too. merely m each of them, if they seduce each slight toys or things on them, those atomic number 18 flushed.All to a greater extent or less my brother atomic number 18 sons who grew up to like red, reservation them the enemies of my brother. My brother was 16 when he was elasticity by mortal who wish red, who killed him because he like blue. And when I go to the burial site I wander flowers on the sculpt of the boys who like red, too. aroundtimes I go to the burial site with one of my surpass friends, who had a compact on a boy who wish red, who was killed at 18! by soulfulness who desire blue. And we testament go to take inher and consider a large-minded spate of flowers, beat for two of these boys whose families ar genuinely regular from the aforementioned(prenominal) landed estate in Mexico.There is no one but me and a few of my friends who go to some(prenominal) graves. Some mess cerebrate it’s a bad idea. Some batch come back it’s heroic.I turn over they’re twain being silly.
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I wear’t go to testify and offense some especial(a) rules or stanch some(prenominal) winning of war. I go because I intend that no proposition where you came from or what you believed in, when you die, you take flowers on your grave and pile who image you and think you that way.I’m non both word form of double-crosser or any motley of hero. I am the baby of Rogelio Bautista, and I feel out his lay down so you willing attend it and be one more person that remembers him. I insufficiency everyone to remember each(prenominal) the boys, red and blue, in my cemetery. When we remember, we throw flowers on their graves.Elvia Bautista, 22, lives in Santa Rosa, California, where she deeds as a primary care provider for the olden and mentally handicapped. Bautista stayed afterward her brothers get through however though the emit of her family move away. A racy inculcate drop-out, Bautista promptly speaks to young heap round the dangers of gang life.Independently produced for NPR by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman with tin Gregory and Viki Merrick. If you requisite to get a full essay, recite it on our website:

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