Sunday, February 2, 2014

Music: a Journey Through Centuries

Adam Valenzuela Student Activity #2 Virtual plan A Journey of Music Through Ages Five musical Master wear rounds blanket the rebirth, fancy, genuine, Romantic, and Modern epoch of music [pic] Musical Selections for this eve Renaissance period Joan Ambroso Dalza: Calata la Spanola (Calata in the spanish style) Baroque term Henry Purcell: Dido & Aeneas Act 2: Echodance of furies Classical Era Maria Theresa Von Paradis : Das Gartnellied aus den siegwart (the gardener) Romantic Era Niccolò Paganini:Concerto for fiddle and Orchestra nary(prenominal)2 in B minor, Op.7 La Campanella (The Bell) mvt.3: Rondo Modern Era Gustav Holst: St. Pauls Suite op. 29 No. 2 Movement 4 : finale * exclusively pieces shall be performed by the United States symphony orchestra Orchestra and Choir In the musical extravaganza project extraordinaire your ears leave be earshot to this evening you will be listening to a variety of pieces that rang e from the mighty Renaissance era all the way to the closure Modern era. severally birdsong brought something to its respective era. The five pieces will leave you deficient more from each era of musical perfection. The five pieces and mechanic that go been gathered for this concert today all have divergent styles and backgrounds, but are sure to put on a concert for you, the audience. These pieces will all bring you with different scenarios and backgrounds wide of imaginative imagery. Now please do not swallow up to turn off your cell phones as soon as you take your seat and enjoy this course by dint of and finished music! The first piece is by an creative person name Joan Ambrisio Dalza who was a famous lutest. Not much is involve about his life other than he was an Italian composer aswell. Dalza went through life writing masterpieces alongside Francesco Spinaco and Vincenzo Capirola. His lasting work is all in the fourth volume of Ottaviano Petruccis Lut e Music publications. When piece of music h! is pieces he...If you want to get a full essay, state it on our website:

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