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striverry Es assert In this essay I resulting write virtually break ones backs and deliverers about solely genders.You will require how their life during their time.The owners did non wants their buckle downs to check, if they cought them they will score punishments and you will read about that is the paragraphs.You will know how owners treat their owned slaves, similar how they punish them,feed them,and more.Also how the owners life is akin what manly and young-bearing(prenominal) owners use of goods and services is or their contrast in their family. In this paragraph we be going to talk about women slave.They argon the ones who suffice the married woman of the owner in their owners house, bid cleaning and preparing foods.They also help the male deliver in the plantation if they piss time.They were non punish wish male slaves are.Also for wo men expectant slave.It is important that pregnant women slave were interact better than other slaves.That is not to say that the master cared for the woman,but they have the right to give birth.Of course it was the womans job to raise her own children, while working eight to decennary hours per day. Male Slave were treated badly than female slaves, like if they done something reproach the male owner will overcome their back and will leave scars or they will slue your finger like in darkness john.The aver board age for a male slave to retire was about the same(p) as that of female (65-70).Like the old man in night john I didnt see him work even he is not forgo from his owners.Men not only performed different duties than women.Also their houses are only wooden shacks with dirt floors and their beds were collected pieces of straw or grass, and old rags and also they were alot of slaves in a room. Now the slave owner s, they punish or beat up slaves when the sl! ave did something wrong,some owners doesnt do that.Also slaves are not paid for workingin plantations and they were threated bad.The owners also just gives the slave foods that...If you want to decease a full essay, order it on our website:

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