Thursday, February 6, 2014


Name: Leo Luu ESL 272 Compare movie Blessing disk and Movie In the movie and the novel Blessing, the dissimilitudes come from the rootage and ending of they obtain and movie. The music director of the movie Blessing has a different management to catch the audiences attention. They start the movie at the point that Lydia recalls the while Benny suicide. It is difference from the book in which starts at the beat a couple put an infant in introductory of Blessings garage door. I appreciate the effort for the difference is because the director deficiencys to make it difference from the book, so it crumb take the attention of people who already read the book. randomness difference is that thither is no Nadine in the movie. I think it is ok since Nadine doesnt really take away to appear in the book or movie. Another major(ip) difference is from the ending. At the end of the movie, the director doesnt make somewhat trusts set about. Instead, the directors let edit o ut and Jenifer talk with each other. I think the reason that the director makes this change because he wants to take a crap a happy ending. When I watched the movie, I thought there is a chance that Jenifer and Skip becomes a couple. It is difference from the book, which I entangle a pity since they wouldnt become a couple. In additional, after the director makes the change, I have a printing that faith will become happy since her mother will take care carefully for her. It would be a break ending then the book, which I felt manage for Faith since her mother still doesnt care about Faith.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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