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University of Phoenix Material Article Review Format adopt MEMORANDUM UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX . RE: E-business Risks smart Property (2002, November 25). E-Business risks reason Property. Knowledge Leader, p.1-3 . ARTICLE SYNOPSIS Double space. discipline made. This obligate provides clear and concise information on the risks of rational piazza when working in an e-business. Over the recent years, online talk has increased. along with the rising use of the internet for business, pirates, impersonators, and thieves have as salutary as increased in number. This obligate discusses laws encourageing people with fake works and is categorized as Intellectual Property (IP). This article also identifies IP issues, Digital Rights Management (DRM), business risks associated with happy stead, management best practices and performance measures, and identifies the Intellectual Property Resources. jural ISSUE The good issues raised in this article take away what is considered justifiedly and wrong; the dos and the do nons. The reasoned issues also contain business risks or practical efficacious risks involved with e-businesses and intellectual property. But what are the legal issues? managerial PERSPECTIVE The principle types of intellectual property (IP) embarrass patent laws which protect inventions for technological progress, copyright law protects a variety of literary and artistic works, radio, TV, sound, and computer software. Intellectual property principles also include trademark law, which protects words and symbols which complete and identity of brands and goods. IP evoke also cover trade secrets. IP is easier to copy than to create. If IP laws are not present, things could be copied and sell for a pass up price, dealing with supply and demand. Is that the indigenous issue? Typically, IP laws go past after a specific period of time, once the s pring has earned a fair reward. Once this ex! pires,...If you want to pretend a near essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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